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                      6698彩票网正规 > Beijing Photo Shoot
                      Beijing Photo Shoot

                      Beijing is one of the exciting cities.
                      You can see modern and unique buildings and traditional architectures here.
                      Have an oriental mysterious experience;
                      Keep memories by a professional photographer.
                      We also coordinate parties for any occasions.

                      Beijing Photo Shoot (5Hrs) ¥6,000 (CNY)

                      ・Photographer(2Hrs, 100+ photos, with CD)
                      ・Hair & Makeup Artist
                      ・Car (Sedan)

                      List of the Places for Photo Shoot.
                      (You can choose from the list depending on your hotel.)
                      ・"Yi He Yuan" (Summer Palace in Beijing)
                      ・"Nan Luo Gu Xiang" (Traditional Alley)
                      ・"Tian Tan" (Temple of Heaven)
                      ・"Hou Hai" (Lake)
                      ・"Gu Lou" (Old Tower)
                      ・Chinese Tea House
                      ・"The Great Wall" (8Hrs, Extra Charge)

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                      電話:010-65126209    工作時間:10:00~18:00
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